Aluroll Installers Benefit from the Best Control Options in the Industry

We’ve always been at the forefront of automation technology, offering both Teleco and Somfy control panels on our Secureroll roller garage doors.

All remote control systems are plug and play and fully commissioned and tested in-house prior to despatch to save time on site.


This time last year we introduced our new Teleco control panel. Its exclusive design is still the only Teleco panel in the market with an integrated alarm as standard.

Feedback from our installers over the past year has been overwhelmingly positive. They are benefitting from new selling points, including the 98Db vibration alarm which sounds if excessive force is applied to the door.

The old panel’s light bulb was upgraded to a powerful LED strip, and setting motor limits and safety edge exclusions were made easier.

Mobile phone activation can also be enabled with the simple addition of a plug-in circuit board with a SIM card. This enables users to communicate with their door via text message so they can receive a notification when the alarm is triggered or remotely provide temporary access for deliveries.

The new Teleco panel still comes with the choice of a wired or wireless safety edge at no extra cost, as well as other great features like holiday mode and bidirectional communication with compatible wireless wall switches.


Somfy are one of the world’s most recognisable brands in motors and controls, and their Rollixo panel is an established industry favourite.

It can be integrated into the TaHoma smart home system for touch control of the roller garage door via smartphone or tablet. Somfy’s wide product range extends to controls for blinds, curtains, lights and heating, and these can all be controlled using the same app.

The Somfy panel shares many features with the Teleco one, with a built-in alarm, courtesy light and holiday mode option. Both come with two handsets as standard.

Aluroll customers have the choice of the latest and most innovative control options in the marketplace. Whether you want to try the latest Teleco design or learn more about the Somfy Rollixo system, please contact the office for showroom or on-site training as required.