Big Brother House

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The Big Brother house required robust security solutions including security shutters for the main building as well as the famous diary room

The Challenge

Security shutters were required throughout the original Big Brother house to keep unwanted visitors out and housemates in, safely.

The production company needed a physical security solution that could be linked to the building management system and wouldn’t compromise the design of the set.

The Solution

The i95 was the main solution provided, as well a shutter for the famous Diary Room. Apart from providing physical security, these shutters also provide heat insulation and a level of soundproofing.

I95 Security Shutter

The I95 Magroll steel security shutter provides security, insulation and sound proofing to commercial and industrial applications up to 7m wide and 40m². The design of the slat ensures that the profile rolls into a much smaller roll than traditional two-piece steel laths, which is great for applications where space is limited.

The profile is tested to Category 5 wind load, has a U value of 1.1 W/m²K and a acoustic rating of 22dB.

The I95 shutter can incorporate see through vision windows and is typically electrically operated via a hard wired switch or remote control with appropriate safety features.


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