Aluroll Shutters Specified in Wolverhampton Market Redevelopment

Aluroll security shutters have been used in an exciting project recently. Wolverhampton market has been rejuvenated, bringing all of the stalls from indoors to outdoors using purpose-built cabins made from brightly coloured shipping containers. The finished project was a unique way of adding security to a situation which often has very low security levels. 

White Circle, who specialise in upcycling shipping containers, managed the project. They enlisted our help to provide 16 shutters; one for each of the cabins. The unique nature of the job meant overhead space was limited, making the T55 the perfect security shutter for the job. 

The containers were built in various sizes. This meant the shutters ranged from 1.6 to 2.9m wide, all at 2.3m high. The shutters had an anthracite grey finish with matching box and guides - a new standard feature since the T55 is the security version of our Compact roller garage door

The Snack Bar café was based in the indoor market for 19 years before moving outdoors. Co-owner Donna Walton said: “For us it’s been much busier outside. It’s been a big change but it’s for the best, and we love our new home now".

She continued: "At first I was worried whether the business would be more vulnerable being outside, but when the council told us we’d have security shutters I felt relieved. They’re unobtrusive and really easy to open and close, too”.

Have you used our shutters on an interesting or unusual project? Let us know.