Things We've Been Talking About - December

We’ve been really busy this month, ensuring Aluroll installers have everything they need before the Christmas break. Perhaps homeowners are receiving practical gifts of garage doors? We’re not sure. But here’s something you definitely don’t want to see on your other half’s list - one of Britain’s most expensive garages has sold this month. It cost an incredible £208,000 - and you won’t even get a decent door for your money.

Bradford Council have been causing upset with their strict regulation of shop front shutters. Meanwhile, it’s been suggested some police forces aren’t quite safe from budget cuts just yet, despite George Osborne’s pledge to protect them.

We’ve seen a few articles suggesting a Minority Report-like future where we’ll be able to predict crimes before they happen. This BBC feature explains how the futuristic technology works, and Microsoft are already working on an app for it. In other science fiction-style news, Barclays are claiming there’s no need to worry about the rise of the robots, although we’re still seeing plenty of warnings about the rise of the Internet of Things.

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