Somfy Wireless Safety Edges Are Pre-Coded For Convenience

Aluroll pre-code all Somfy wireless safety edges before they are dispatched to customers. This makes things easier for installers and saves time on site. 
Although Somfy state in their instructions that the bottom magnet is an optional feature, Aluroll supply them as standard. Please ensure you always fit the bottom magnet regardless of whether the floor is level or uneven. The magnet switches off the bottom edge transmitter, saving battery life and preventing accidental operation. All components are supplied with fixings and installation instructions. 


Aluroll will be launching their new double chamber bottom rubber for all doors on July 1st. Customer feedback identified a need to improve performance of the rubber edge when the floor is uneven and whilst no rubber will ever fully resolve the issue of a potential gaps, field tests have demonstrated the new rubber offers significant benefits.
Don’t forget, Aluroll can also supply an aluminium threshold strip to further reduce light and weather ingress on uneven floors. Contact the sales team for more information.