Things We've Been Talking About - May

We’ve been really busy lately, trying to get everything in place so we could offer our matching garage door boxes and guides as soon as possible. While this big announcement has dominated conversations here at Aluroll, we’ve still managed to keep one eye on what’s going on around us.

June’s EU referendum is fast approaching, and we’re seeing an increasing number of articles discussing what’s best for the manufacturing and security sectors.

Security shutters have saved a Post Office from armed robbery, and in Scotland this Post Office won the right to keep its shutters. A recent survey has shown that most crime in Scotland is property related, after all.

We’re hoping this (probably embarrassed) guy provided a reminder of why you need to pay attention when operating security shutters. And there were a couple of criminals who must have been red-faced too, like this one and this one.

We’re still reading reports into how the security industry is expected to boom in the next five years, while this interesting article explained how different border security is across the pond. Finally, take a look at this unusual, yet heartwarming, use for a garage.

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things we've been talking about