Police Encourage Public to Take Personal Responsibility for Security Due to Funding Cuts

With widespread proposed policing cuts threatening officers’ jobs and resources, high ranking police officials are advising homeowners take personal steps to preventing crime. Aluroll predict this will have an impact on physical security sales, with products such as domestic shutters expected to increase in popularity.

Craig Mackay, Deputy Commissioner of London's Metropolitan Police Service, made an appearance on Newsnight last week. He recommended a move towards the public helping the police more, such as handing over CCTV footage from personal cameras to help with investigations. He said: “Getting people involved and the whole notion of people being active in crime prevention and crime detection work with us has got to be part of the future”.

This advice was a response to the proposed cuts to police budgets. The details have been dominating the news lately, with the Metropolitan police expecting a loss of 3000 officers in London as Government funding is cut by £184million. It’s a similar story across the UK, with the Merseyside force funding facing a £5million reduction and Lancashire force predicted to lose £25million annually, a move which Police and Crime Commissioners have said will lead to a loss of “almost all of its proactive crime fighting and crime prevention capacity by 2020”. Seven constabularies are even threatening legal action against the Home Office because of the funding cuts.

With widespread concern over the changing face of policing, and discussions of an end of ‘bobbies on the beat’, it’s uncertain how these changes will affect crime rates and investigations. Whatever happens, there has has never been a better time for homeowners to take responsibility for securing their properties. While CCTV cameras can help a struggling police force catch a criminal, at Aluroll we always think prevention is better than cure. We have a range of domestic shutters which act as an effective deterrent against burglary and vandalism, with the M411 being particularly suitable for domestic use.

Stylish colour choices and a narrow curved box makes it aesthetically pleasing without detracting from the appearance of a home’s facade.  It benefits from convenient electric operation and is the perfect accompaniment to an Aluroll roller garage door - the two can even be controlled from the same remote. If a customer’s home is in an at-risk area, or if their downstairs windows and doors are vulnerable to criminals, it may be the perfect opportunity to discuss the benefits of our domestic security shutters.

Find more information on the M411 here.