Our New LPCB Approved Steel Range

LPCB Steel Shutters

Aluroll have just received Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approval across multiple steel shutters. The Elite range now includes steel designs to suit all high security applications, including the single skinned S76 Elite, the perforated P76 Elite for vision and ventilation, and the double skinned i100 Elite. Meeting the independent body’s LPS 1175 specification for resistance to attack, they span Security Ratings 1 to 4.


This means they’ve passed independent testing for their resistance to attack using the same tools used by experienced criminals. The S76 Elite has been tested to SR2 and the P76 Elite to SR1, while the i100 Elite shutter is available in both SR3 and SR4 levels. This makes the i100 SR4 the most secure product across our entire range, and ideal for high security premises such as Government buildings and banks.


November Offer


To celebrate the launch of these products we’re offering readers 10% off S76 Elite and P76 Elite orders until the end of November. This discount applies not only to the shutter but the entire order, including the motor and control systems too.

Simply mention the offer when you call 01691 679257 to place your order or click here for more information on our full LPCB range.