Aluroll Product Update

We have been made increasingly aware that installers of Aluroll products are using different fixings for the guide channels. The majority of these fixings have larger heads than the 10mm hole that was previously required for the 10mm cover cap supplied.

As a move to improve and assist, Aluroll will now be supplying a 13mm cover cap as standard. They will require a 13mm hole drilled in to fit. The new cover caps are for covering the guide fixing holes and will be available in white, brown and grey. We will continue supplying the steel cap covers for all special coated jobs (10.5mm hole).

Historically, the fixings that have been supplied for the lids were pop rivets. With ease of install in mind, we have decided to move to tech screws for fixing of the lids and hoods. The end plates will still be pre-drilled for convenience to the installer.

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