Better Value for Installers With New Price Bands for Roller Garage Doors


Analysis of the last two years’ roller garage door orders showed we could deliver better value for trade installers by introducing new width and height price bands.

Previously we priced in increments of 500mm and 600mm width and 200mm height. From now prices are in increments of 250mm or 300mm width and 250mm height for our all our roller garage doors.  

For example, a Classic door with an overall width of 2550mm and height of 2450mm would have been priced in the 3000mm by 2600mm band. Now it will be in a new 2750mm by 2500mm price band, allowing us to deliver the same quality door but at a 7% discount in price. 

Call us on 01691 679257 to find out how you will benefit from the new pricing structure.