New Roller Garage Door Auto Locking System Launching 1st March

Aluroll is launching a new feature on all roller garage doors. The SELVE burglar-proof fixation will replace the current anti-lift locking straps. The devices prevent intruders from gaining access by lifting the curtain from below. 

The new version is stronger and simplifies installation. Rather than working with three different components, which also need screwing onto the shaft, the new version consists of a single part with a twist lock which can be turned with a coin to fix it into place. SELVE have been manufacturing roller shutter fixings for over 100 years, and this experience has led to the development of high quality accessories for the roller shutter and garage door industry.

Some installers have already received the new component. Their feedback suggests the SELVE design saves valuable time on-site, has a neater aesthetic and will help with future maintenance. It will be available on all Aluroll roller garage doors as standard from 1st March. 

Please call 01691 679257 for installation instructions.