Customers Shifting Away From Traditional Garage Door Colours

Here at Aluroll we like to use data to gain a better understanding of the roller garage door market. Long term analysis has shown that while white is still our most popular door colour, at 32%, and black is still our second most popular, at 16%, the trend is actually shifting away from  traditional monochrome choices.

For the first time ever, the total for black and white doors doesn’t form the majority of our orders. At 48% for the past 12 months, it has steadily dropped from 68% five years ago. This is the result of other colours and wood effects increasing in popularity, perhaps due to our ever expanding range, but also changing design trends.


Painted and laminate wood effects now account for 14% of all colours choices; more than double the percentage of the previous 12 months. Interestingly, for double garage doors the current figure is now 20%.

Heritage colours like beige, cream and muted blues and greens are all showing a significant increase on a month-by-month basis too. In applications where a dark colour works best, anthracite grey is becoming a popular alternative to black. Referenced as RAL 7016, our research has shown anthracite now makes up 6% of our total orders.

Aluroll offers customers a generous selection of 15 standard colours. In-house RAL powder coating facilities enable us to match existing fittings like window and door frames or brand colours for a small surcharge. In the past 12 months, the most popular special RAL colours were blue and grey tones.

Are there any colours which are popular amongst your customers and you think would benefit from being added to our standard range? We’d love to hear from you.