February Offers - Free Fire Shutter Panel / Vision Slat Upgrade

This month we're bringing you two special offers. Receive a fire shutter panel or a vision upgrade on orders received before the end of February. Simply reference the offer when placing your order.


Free Interface Panel Worth £160 With Every Fire Shutter

Fire Shutter Alarm System

This month we’re giving away a free interface panel with every fire shutter purchase. The FDi panel is our most common fire shutter accessory, since it's essential for applications which require the shutter to descend in the event of a fire. It makes it possible to integrate the shutter into the alarm system for an automatic emergency response.



Upgrade to Perforated Aluminium Profiles for the Same Price as Extruded

P77 Perforated Security Shutter Close Up

Perforated aluminium profiles are normally charged at a 20% premium due to the extra costs incurred during the manufacturing processes. This month we’re offering perforated aluminium for the same price as extruded on 37mm and 77mm profiles.

That means you can upgrade from the E37 to the P37, or the E77 to the P77, for no extra cost.