Burglary Rates Drop Thanks to Improvements in Building Security

Current crime statistics have shown burglary rates are continuing to drop, and Government officials have said “there is little consensus” on the fact that this is due to improvements in building and vehicle security.

Crime Survey Graph.jpg

The Office for National Statistics’ Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) shows a steady downtrend in the number of property crime offences reported. During 1995 a total of 15.27 million were reported, dropping 44% to 8.54 million ten years later in 2004/05 (now calculated April to March). Another decade on, in 2014/15, the rate had dropped a further 36% to 5.46 million.

While these statistics concern property crime in general, the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) included a note to say domestic burglary has seen an even sharper decline over the long term. Other types of theft, such as from the person, have not seen as significant a decrease. Overall crime has mirrored the property crime pattern since the 1980s and the latest figures, released in January, have shown it is expected to fall in the next report too.

Although the statistics are very positive, it has been widely reported that the public is far from reassured. In 2013/14, an ONS report stated around 6 in 10 adults believed crime had actually risen nationally over the past few years, and 32% thought it had in their local area. Public perception of national crime levels is swayed by TV and radio news programmes (cited by 67% of participants) and word of mouth (32%). Significantly, 11% of adults admitted to having a ‘high level of worry’ over the threat of burglary.

It’s clear that these perceptions are driving the growth of the physical security market in spite of falling crime rates. Just last year, our own research showed security is the main factor customers consider when buying a roller garage door. Here at Aluroll we’re dedicated to improving security levels, whether that’s in our existing products or innovating new solutions. Keep checking our blog to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements.