Compact Garage Doors Now Also Have Matching Box and Guides as Standard

Last month we announced that we’re matching the box and guides to our standard colour Classic roller garage doors. We’ve had a great response to this change, so we’ve extended this feature to our Compact doors too. This way you'll be able to offer customers an even better product than before, for no extra cost.

Our Classic has 17 solid colour options, and we are able to offer 13 of those in the Compact range. Matching box and guides are available on all of them, from favourites like Brown (RAL 8019) and Anthracite (RAL 7016), to bolder colours like Red (RAL 3004) and Moss Green (RAL 6005). Click here to see our full range of colours. 

We also understand that matching may not be suitable for all applications. That’s why we will still be offering traditional White (RAL 9016) or Brown (RAL 8019) box and guides for the same price too - just fill in your order form accordingly. 

We’ve updated our order forms to reflect these changes - ask the office for the latest versions.