Exclusive Teleco Panel Has New Upgrades!

Aluroll introduced a new Teleco panel last year, and the exclusive design is already becoming a favourite in the marketplace. Further design improvements and new features help it maintain its status as one of the best control panels around.

Key benefits include:


✓ The only Teleco panel with a built-in alarm

Aluroll’s wireless panel is the only Teleco panel with a built-in alarm as standard. A shock sensor and powerful 98dB buzzer have been integrated into the bottom edge transmitter, providing additional peace of mind for Secureroll roller garage door owners without the need for accessories.

✓ Integrated sleep mode for double the battery lifespan (and only one to replace)

A unique integrated sleep mode doubles the average battery lifespan to an estimated three years. Sleep mode limits communication between the panel and bottom edge transmitter to when the door is activated.


While many wireless transmitters have two batteries to replace, Aluroll’s has one long-life 3.6V lithium battery which end users can purchase replacements directly for (available from www.batteryterminal.co.uk - contact the Aluroll office for a discounted price). Combined with the power-saving sleep mode, site visits to replace batteries should be a thing of the past.

✓ NEW upgraded metal handsets

Aluroll Teleco panels come with two four-button handsets as standard. The plastic bodied design has been upgraded to an identical aluminium one, for the same modern appearance with a higher quality feel.

✓ Pre-programmed for convenience

All Aluroll safety edges and handsets are pre-programmed and pre-tested before leaving the factory. This hassle-free plug-and-play design saves installers time on site.

Push buttons inside the Teleco panel assist with limit setting and eliminate the need for a test lead.

✓ Improved LED courtesy light

Teleco’s old bulb has been replaced by an integrated LED light strip for longevity and brighter light.  

And the best part? All of these are standard features, at no extra cost! For installers looking to offer a little extra, there are also plenty of new and exciting upgrade options.

Mobile phone operation is made simple through the addition of a plug-in GSM SIM card module, which slots into the panel. Wireless wall switches now have bidirectional technology, allowing users to check the status of their door from inside the home.

A new Teleco Moonlight lighting system can be used to add ambient lighting on the door. As with the panel itself, these extras offer convenience with a fuss-free install.

Speak to the sales office to arrange a Teleco panel demonstration or training.