Moss Green and Sage Green Discontinued as Chartwell Green Flourishes

chartwell green garage door aluroll

In our June newsletter we announced two new colours, Chartwell Green (NCS S 3010 G10Y) and Duck Egg Blue (NCS S 2030 B10G), and they’re already proving to be very popular choices.

To make way for the new additions we have discontinued Moss Green (RAL 6005) and Sage Green (RAL 6021). This means they will no longer be standard options for our roller garage doors, but they will still be available on special request on extended lead times.  Please note you may see ‘Sage / Chartwell Green’ displayed as an option in our literature as the two are so similar they are almost interchangeable.

We hope these changes give installers a clearer message to communicate to end customers, and we will continue to offer matching box and guides as standard across all colours (excluding our wood effects).

Let us know if you’d like to receive a copy as soon as it’s ready, or if you’d like samples of our new colours.