Things We've Been Talking About - February

There has been plenty of interesting news around this month. We’ve mentioned burglary rates are falling because of better security, but the cost of UK crime has soared to a record-breaking £613 million in the latest figures. The link between better security and reducing theft losses is an obvious one, but 59% of SMEs in the UK still rely on locks and lights alone to protect their business.

We’ve seen some great examples of security shutters doing their job well. A local store’s physical security left a team of ram-raiders empty-handed, while some machete-wielding burglars made national news when locked security shutters protected a member of staff from confrontation. And it’s not just theft either - shutters are an effective barrier against vandalism. Not all councils allow them, which can have serious consequences for businesses.

We’ve spotted a few crime fails too. One alleged burglar in the US was caught because he signed into Twitter during the break-in. And another crime suspect was tripped and caught thanks to this quick thinking (yet chilled) civilian.