Aluroll Launch Aluminium & Steel Hybrid Security Shutter - Combining Style with Ease of Installation

S76A - New stylish and easy to install steel security shutter

Here at Aluroll we know a thing or two about steel and aluminium security shutters. While traditionally we have treated the aluminium and steel manufacturing processes separately, we are constantly looking for ways we can combine their strengths to make better products for our trade customers.

Our design team have now managed to combine the ease of installation of an aluminium roller shutter with the effectiveness and price of a galvanised single skin steel curtain. Through a unique design which dampens engine vibrations to remove any potential metal fatigue, Aluroll have designed a steel security shutter with integrated aluminium enclosures and guide channels. The product can comfortably support shutters up to 6m wide with a surface area of 24m2 and total weight in excess of 200kg.

Our trade customers are already reporting positive feedback from end users who recognise the aesthetic benefit of the compact aluminium housing without compromise on security. Aluminium does not corrode and remains looking pristine for years and our traditional aluminium shutter installers appreciate the familiarity and associated ease of installation.



The S76A is launching at the same cost as as our traditional S76 steel shutter. However as an extra incentive for our customers to find out for themselves how great the product is we are offering a free motor upgrade to Somfy - worth £80 - with every order placed in October.

To find out more about the S76A call us on 01691 679257 or click here