Security Voted Most Important Factor When Buying a Garage Door

A new Aluroll survey has revealed security is number one priority for consumers purchasing a garage door. The survey, which received 1,000 responses, showed 43% of people believe security is the most important factor to consider.

We uncovered the difference between men and women’s opinions, as well as the variations between age groups. While both genders held security as their main consideration, there was a notable difference between the percentages, with 43% of women and 34% of men voting it as their number one. Women aged 25 to 34 were the most security-conscious, of which 60% chose it as their main concern.

Consumer considerations when purchasing a garage door survey results

The Office for National Statistics has given the increased awareness of home security as a reason for domestic burglary rates dropping 26% in a decade. Ownership of safety products is clearly on the rise, with more and more homeowners investing in security such as better garage doors.

Quality ranked in as the second most popular answer in the poll, with 22% of participants listing it as their most important consideration when making a purchase. Those aged 45 to 54 didn’t hold it as their second most popular answer, however, choosing price instead as the factor which would most influence a purchase. Men aged 25 to 34 were also particularly focused on price rather than quality.

In total price and appearance scored 19% and 11% respectively, with men more focused on the garage door’s appearance than women.  Brand and customisation options were the lowest scoring options on the poll, each receiving 2% of responses. In general, it was the older participants - either of retirement or approaching retirement age - who cared most about these details.

Our own sales data shows an increase in demand for Aluroll’s Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) SR1 approved roller garage door with Secured By Design status - the T77 Elite. The T77 Elite features a host of additional safety features such as 150mm guides, end locks on each slat and innovative shaft design.

Dave Barwick, General Manager at Aluroll, said: “We are not surprised to see security as the key factor for consumers in choosing their garage door. Aluroll have been working to increase the security features in all our products and we now have 7 LPCB approved shutters ranging from SR1 to SR4 level. At the same time we have looked to increase the accessibility of these products to the general market, such as reducing the price of the T77 Elite LPCB SR1 approved product to just a 15% surcharge on our T77 Classic Roller Garage Door”.

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