A Greener Future for Aluroll

Greener Future for Aluroll - Solar Panels on Factory Roof

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, it’s important to be able to reassure customers that they’re choosing an environmentally friendly product. Here at Aluroll we’re very nearly completely self-sufficient – no mean feat considering all of the heavy duty equipment we use.


Investing in the Environment

We’ve recently installed solar panels which provide almost enough power to run our 50,000 square foot site. From the steel roll former and powder coating sprayer to the lights and computers in our offices, we don’t need to rely on fossil fuels to keep Aluroll running. A bio mass boiler system even provides carbon-neutral heating for our facilities.

We also have highly efficient extraction systems. This technology is installed on all of our machinery, allowing us to remove dust and debris and recycle them effectively. The aluminium and steel manufacturing processes are kept separate within our factory site to help us recover the different types of waste.

It’s reassuring for domestic, commercial and industrial buyers to know they’re buying a brand which is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact. This makes it even easier for you to inspire customers to choose an Aluroll shutter or roller garage door.

Our British-made designs also reduce the distance each product has travelled. That means not only are you buying quality, but keeping your carbon footprint in mind as you improve a property.

"As a manufacturer of metal based products with a 50,000 square foot site to run we have a high energy requirement. Our investment in solar power has allowed us to become almost energy neutral, which is a great achievement. Our products are greener and our operating costs are reduced" commented General Manager Dave Barwick.