A New Way for Trade Installers to Benefit from the Growth of the High Security Market

EYS SR4 Shutter Installation.jpg

While sales of insurance approved high security products are rapidly increasing, the complexities involved in achieving Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) accreditation and installation have held many trade installers back.

Aluroll is offering an innovative new service to help installers into the high security market and increase their sales of LPCB SR3 and SR4 rated shutters.

The highly specialised LPCB approved designs are more challenging than a standard shutter to work with. They come with their own fitting requirements, which must be strictly adhered to if you’re providing a specific security rating to customers. They can also be very heavy, requiring specialist lifting equipment.

SR rated shutters can only be manufactured by a company which is regularly externally audited by Bre Global to meet global ISO 9001 standards. The whole process of testing and accreditation requires extensive resources and facilities.

This has led other manufacturers to only supply LPCB approved products if they also manage the installation. Therefore while demand for very high security insurance approved shutters is increasing significantly, the vast majority of trade installers are being left out in the cold.

Here at Aluroll we’re using our LPCB accreditation to help installers out. We’re the first manufacturer to supply LPCB SR3 and SR4 high security shutters for installers to fit themselves. For each new order Aluroll provides a dedicated project expert to assist our customers throughout the survey, planning, installation and support processes, including onsite training and/or training in our shutter showroom in Oswestry. These new skills can then be used for future projects with similar security requirements.

For example Garry Peake, a SR3 and SR4 product specialist, provided on-site training to East Yorkshire Shutters (EYS) when they fitted four i100 SR4 shutters in Hull city centre. Garry’s role was to train the EYS team and provide the necessary assistance to ensure the project went smoothly.

Dave Wray, from EYS, said: “We knew Aluroll would be able to deliver a quality product from our experience of working with them, but the fact we can now install the SR4 shutters ourselves is an added bonus. Garry was a huge help and the team learnt plenty of tips and tricks which they’ll no doubt use for future jobs. We’re looking forward to installing more of the LPCB SR3 and SR4 products in future”.

Make the most of this unique opportunity. Call us on 01691 679257 if you have a high security project you’d like help with.