Things We've Been Talking About in November

The main story we’ve been talking about this month was a tragic reminder of the importance of safety throughout the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance processes. A man was charged with two counts of manslaughter after an accident with an industrial door killed two people in a Guildford theatre.

Otherwise, the focus has been very much on domestic security. With 6.5 million household related crimes recorded by the Office for National Statistics last year, we were surprised to read that households are spending an average of just £234 to keep their property safe. That’s around half the price of an iPhone - which is crazy considering the average 3 bedroom family home has contents worth £55,000. And taking care of security going to be even more important after the police budget cuts which have been dominating the news - particularly the ones to forces in Merseyside and Leicestershire. We told you how the police are even asking the public to take responsibility for crime prevention as a result. There are plenty of obvious ways to protect a home - our M411 is a great example. But apparently we’re evolving towards drones which circle above and can call the police if they spot anything suspicious - or even pepper spray intruders!

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