Is This The World's Most Secure Shutter?

Aluroll’s new i100 Elite might just be the world’s most secure shutter. The double skinned steel roller shutter has achieved the highest accolade of our entire product range; the SR4 rating for resistance to attack. It is already proving a popular choice for high security commercial sites.

The certificate was issued by the world’s leading independent body in the field of security product regulation, the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), meeting the LPS 1175 standard to both SR3 and SR4 levels. As part of the SR4 assessment the roller shutter was required to resist forced entry using power tools for at least 10 minutes.

The i100 Elite resisted the damage with ease, demonstrating its ability to protect a property from the common types of attack employed by career criminals. As a result the i100 Elite SR4 is ideal for government buildings or high risk commercial sites such as banks, jewellers and those where large sums of money or high value goods are kept. 

The steel slats are double skinned while the accompanying guide channels, box and end plates are also manufactured from extremely strong steel. Deep guide channels with bullet locks protect one of the first areas burglars target.

The i100 Elite SR3 and SR4 are available with a three phase motor and galvanised finish as standard. RAL/BS plastisol and powder coating are available for a surcharge.

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