Things We've Been Talking About - October

October is shaping up to be an exciting month at Aluroll, with the launch of not one but two new products. The S76A steel/aluminium hybrid shutter and the i100 Elite, our first super secure SR4 rated design, are already proving a hit with our network of installers. We’re also about to print our new Buyer’s Guide and Pricing List, making it easier than ever for you to get a quotation on any of our products. Make sure you register to receive your free copy in the post.

October is Home Security Month, and we’ve seen plenty of warnings about burglary rates increasing at this time of year. Household thefts rise 5% in the week when the clocks go backCrime rates also spookily increase during Halloween (and bonfire night) every year. There’s never been a better time for customers to check their security is up to standard.

Locally to us, £10,000 worth of bikes were stolen in Bridgnorth - thieves got in through the garage roof. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver also made headlines as his north London home was raided by burglars who made their way in through the garage door. One less successful burglar ended up calling 999 when a petrol station’s security device trapped him inside the building!

In other (weird) news, Japanese tech company Hitachi has claimed it can predict crimes before they happen. And we’ve been distracted by a few fun garage images. We stumbled on this original door design and wasted too much time competing to see who could find the most movie references here.

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